Mooer Announced GE300: Amp Modelling, Synth & Multi Effects In One Device!

108 Digital Amp Models, IR Loader, Synth Engine & 164 Effects On Board!

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Mooer is a Chinese manufacturer of affordable but good-sounding guitar pedal. The Occean Machine reverb delay pedal per example was able to convince with its many features, sound quality and price. For the NAMM 2019, the company will show the final prototype of a brand new flagship multi-effect processor.

The GE300 will feature 108 digital amp models, 43 optional factory cab simulation, a 3-voice polyphonic Synthesizer engine as well as 164 different effects. The built-in synth engine can transform your guitar into an Synthesizer with optional waveform, pitch, filters and arpeggiator per voice.

Mooer GE300

On top, it comes with a tone capture technology with three modes. This allows you to sample and capture amplifiers, EQ characteristics of your instrument and speakers cabinets. A full featured IR loader is capable of loading your impulse responses that can be up to 2048 sampling points each.

The feature orgasm is not yet finish! It comes also with a programmable stereo effects loop, 30-minute looper station with storable loop sessions, external device switching, direct USB audio and much more. For the control, it comes with 10 customizable footswitch controls, 9 knobs, one expression pedal on the right side and a lot of I/O.

Mooer GE300

There are currently no sound demos as well as information on price or availability. We will probably learn more at the NAMM 2019 next week. Stay tuned!

More information here: Mooer

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