CEntrance Announced MicPort Pro 2 – Battery-Powered Audio Interface For Mobile Musicians!

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CEntrance has announced for NAMM 2019 the MicPort Pro 2, a new smart audio interface for mobile producers. The new MicPort 2 turns a smartphone into a portable DAW, ideal for capturing interviews, musical ideas, instruments, or live events at a remote location. It’s not only interesting for musicians but also for video bloggers, newsgathering or live streams.

It features a combo XLR jack input for mic/line signals with a high-quality mic preamp with 48V phantom power, an high-pass filter as well as an headphone amp. Very handy is here that interface comes with a built-in battery that gives you full power also in a mobile situation.

Centrance Micport Pro 2

“With MicPort Pro we have made professional location recording accessible anywhere. With its built-in battery, the updated model does not rely on the laptop and is designed for the modern digital nomad who travels only with a phone. These hand-held, road-friendly units fit in a mic bag—and sound great, lasting for a whole recording session on a full charge,” said Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO.


  • Records to: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows (native support), phones and tablets
  • Rechargeable battery designed to last an entire gig; charges from any USB charger
  • Console-grade Jasmine Mic Preamp™ with true 48V phantom power delivers boutique audio quality
  • Neutrik™ combo XLR jack for recording from Mic, Line or direct from instrument sources
  • Hi-Z input places a “direct box” inside MicPort Pro 2 for recording electric guitar or bass
  • High Pass Filter helps cut wind noise during location recording
  • Adjustable Zero Latency Monitor control for dialing in the perfect headphone mix
  • AmpExtreme™ headphone amp for extra loudness and clarity, with no distortion
  • Headphone / Line output (1/8-inch)

MicPort Pro 2 has an MSRP of $249.99 USD and will be available soon. The new product will be shown at NAMM 2019 in CEntrance booth #8100.

More information here: CEntrance

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