Tinami MD-1 Is The First MIDI Controller Built On Demand As You Like It!

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Tinami MD-1 is a innovative MIDI controller built on demand, is fully customizable, hackable on the hardware side and now available on Kickstarter!

There are countless MIDI controllers on the market. From small boutique developers, to big companies, small & large formats, many knobs or slider, keyboard etc. However, users often do not find the perfect MIDI controller that is tailored to their workflows. The young company Tinami tries to change the market of MIDI controllers and offers a product that is built on demand as the customer like it. Easy say: one controller features 16 components and users can choose the amount of knobs, buttons or faders you really need (16 in total).

With an additional MIDI editor software MD-1 Blueprint, it possible configure each message send by the components (Note number, control change, Sysex and NRPN messages). Also cool is the fact that you can save different device presets in 16 different memory slots. Another cool feature is that the controller is hackable on the hardware side so it allow to create complete controller with it, like a LEGO-style MIDI controller. The new Tinami MD-1 is in my opinion a clever new music tech product which makes it easy for many musicians to choose the perfect MIDI controller.


The MD-1 is the first stylish, affordable and high quality custom MIDI controller on the market. After studying the relationship of musicians, producers and live performers with their MIDI controllers for several months we have concluded that the next step on the MIDI devices is customization. The special thing about the MD-1 is that it will be custom-made for each user upon ordering it – so it will contain the features needed instead of unnecessary extras which are never used.

Giving all of our users the chance to build their own custom MIDI controller gives us infinite possibilities of configurations and layouts. Unlike how complex it sounds, we wanted to make it really simple for you to design your controller.

  • Go to our website www.tinamilab.com
  • Do you need knobs? Knobs with buttons? Or maybe some faders? Design the layout that you need by simply dragging and dropping the components you prefer.
  • Place your order!

Like any other MIDI controller, you just need to plug it to your computer, tablet, mobile or instrument compatible with MIDI – and have fun!

MD-1 Features

  • 16 components MIDI controller.
  • Custom components: knobs, buttons or faders.
  • 16 memory presets for MIDI configurations.
  • Function buttons for shortcut access to presets and device global MIDI channel.
  • MD-1 Blueprint MIDI editor software: Note Number, CC, Sysex & NRPN compatible.
  • Parameter value instrument block: to avoid value jumps with potentiometers when changing presets or loading new sets.
  • MIDI DIN In and Out.
  • USB type b connector.
  • 12v DC power connector for computerless setups.
  • Sturdy metal case and wood panels.
  • Portable: 15.7cm x 15.2cm x 4.5cm / 870g

The Tinami MD-1 is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter for a starting price of 200€ including shipping. The delivery is estimated for January 2019.

More information here: Tinami 

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