iBassist By Lumbeat Turns Your iPad Into A Versatile Bass Player!

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iBassist is a new versatile virtual bass player app for iPad with smart features (chord progression editor, song mode…), 4 effect processors & more!

Luis Martinez from Lumbeat is back with a new iOS app. iBassist is a new app that turns your iPad into a versatile bass player. The sound content is based on 10 round robin sampled natural bass sounds which are available as individual instruments. The sounds are playable through a bass line sequencer that features also an easy-to use chord progression editor. It allows you to create quick the perfect grooves.

An additional song modes gives you the option to create complete songs with the app. To refine the sounds, it comes with 4 built-in effects and a parametric EQ. Unfortunately, there is no AUv3 support for this app!

What Is iBassist?

iBassist turns your iPad into a versatile bass player to jam or compose anywhere and create grooves for installed drum apps, so the jam enters a new level. Additionally, it sends progression chords by MIDI, so you can have any synth/piano on the background and a proper band jamming instantly.Bass lines are based in degrees, so you can apply any chord progression to any bass line. A valuable tool to apply different bass grooves to your songs. And the jam tool brings musical variations and new ideas on the way.

The Chord Progression editor is quick, easy to use and allows to create or edit your progressions choosing Key Notes – harmony by steps, midi detection or randomizing. iBassist includes 10 Round Robin sampled natural bass sounds. Different styles and colors, from Modern Finger Bass, to warm Double Bass. Live Pads lets to play live sessions on the way with 8 assignable pads for Line-Progression-Jam, and change between them by MIDI. Song Mode. Choosing “Make Drums” in song mode will create the whole song structure drums.

Export Midi function to create MIDI Files with the Bass Line /- Progression – Jam combination or whole song structures. Built-In Effects: Compressor, Delay, Chorus, Reverb. Parametric EQ.

Lumbeat iBassist is now available for iOS (iPad) for $17.99 USD from the Apple App Store.

Available here: iBassist

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