Minimal Instruments Released Free Kick-n-Snare Rompler Plugin (VST/AU)

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Minimal Instruments created a new kick and snare virtual rompler instrument plugin for Windows and Mac that is now available exclusively to their members.

Free plugin alert! The plugin developer Minimal Instruments has released today Kick-n-Snare, a new free virtual drum rompler instrument for Windows and Mac. They said that it’s fits to EDM, Dubstep or also FutureBass music production.

What The Developer Has To Say

We made this plugin because we think it would be nice if a producer can quickly create kick or snare (or both) track. Often, kick should be by itself in a track due to side chain purpose. Also, you can audition kick or snare sound without changing kit or presets.

Kick-n-Snare (VST/AU) is now available for download for free for Minimal Instruments members. The registration is free of charge.

More information here: Minimal Instruments 

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