Endorphin.es released Shuttle System Modular Synthesizer

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Endorphin.es announced today the availability of the Shuttle System, a complete ready to play Eurorack modular Synthesizer. For me personal, it’s a beautiful designed system with a lot of clever developed features and a very unique sound character. If you’re bored of classic subtractive synthesis (oscillator, filters..), than I recommend you to check out this amazing new complete modular system from Endorphin.es. 

The Endorphin.es SHUTTLE is a unique performance instrument containing 5 Eurorack modules in one single 84hp faceplate 

  • Shuttle Control (SC): 16 channel USB→MIDI→CV interface with almost infinite possibilities interpreting MIDI events into analogue control voltages including CV/Gate, random or noise generators, MIDI or tap-clocks, utility LFOs and envelopes 
  • Furthrrrrr Generator (FG) Dual triangle-core VCO with a waveshaper 
  • Grand Terminal (GT) Dual voltage controlled gate with 8 resonant filter modes (ladder, diode, lpg, state variable, comb) dual envelope generators (voltage controlled) with looping/AD/ASR with arbitrary voltage to control slope shapes: from EXP to LIN to LOG without stretching the length of a certain slope (GT) Cabin Pressure audio FX processor with 8 selected effects (GT) 
  • Cockpit (CP) 4 stereo channel mixer with sidechain ducking 
  • Gateway (GW) Dual 1+1 utility mixer and auto-tuners to scale, offset and invert voltages 
Endorphin.es Shuttle System is available now for 2300€ (incl. VAT) 

More Informations here: Endorphin.es Shuttle System
Check also our Shuttle System presentation video from NAMM 2017 where you get a good amount of sound example of this new complete modular system.

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