Puremagnetik’s Granule Is A New Granular Delay Plugin For PC & Mac

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In recent weeks, Puremagnetik has released their first plugins Pléctrik and Bluejay Synthesizer. Today the company released Granule, a new granular delay plugin for PC and Mac. With Granule, you can transform any audio signal in very glitchy or strange sounds.


Inspired by the Red Panda Particle guitar pedal it takes an incoming signal and chops it up into tiny “grains”. After chopping your audio, these particles are routed through a looper, spectral pitch shifter and variable delay line. From there, you rearrange the grains, stretch them, morph them and create everything from marvelous shimmering pads to completely ludicrous glitch effects!

Granule works best with pre-recorded material but feel free to experiment with live input as well. You never know what you might get!

  • Granular processor.
  • Loopback buffer.
  • Spectral pitch shifter.
  • Variable delay line.
  • Wet and dry mix controls.
  • Waveform display .
  • A collection of factory presets.

Granule (VST/AU) by Puremagnetik is now available as part of the Spark subscription for $8 USD per month. It’s possible to cancel the subscription after one month if you want Granule in your setup. After the first month, the plugin will be available a la carte purchase for $20 USD.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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