Pittsburgh Modular The Toad, a colorful 12-stage analog phase shifter

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Pittsburgh Modular The Toad joins the Safari module series and is a colorful 12-stage analog phase shifter for Eurorack.

On a safari you can see a mix of wild animals, each with their own characteristics. The Safari modules from Pittsburgh Modular are the same. Each one is limited in quantity and unique in its own way. Pittsburgh’s idea is to give Eurorack users an insight into current developments. 

Not just in the form of texts or videos but also playable in experimental “proof of concept” modules. The newest member of the Safari takes you into its sonic swamp to explore phase-shifting adventures.

Pittsburgh Modular The Toad

Pittsburgh Modular The Toad

The Toad is a lovely 12-stage analog phase shifter module with a super beautiful front panel. It’s based on a network of all-pass filters that produce a phase shift.

It mixes it back with the dry signal. The phase shift then creates a comb filtering to produce a gentler phasing effect like a repeated swooshing cycle.  Important it’s not a flanger. 

According to Pittsburgh Modular, it’s an all-analog module with a  single 12-stage audio signal path. In mono, it goes into the module with a dedicated input level control. 

Once in, you can apply the well-known phase-shifting effects to your signal by tweaking the five knobs.  As the name suggests, the manual shift allows you to shift the phase manually through the different stages.

It can also be automated in two directions using the shift CV input and dedicated attenuverter. Feedback can be positive or negative. The more you put in, the crazier the effect becomes. The Toad loves self-oscillating, say the developers.

Talking about modulation. You can also infuse modulation in the effects with a built-in triangle LFO that is fully controllable with the modulator and mod depth knobs.

The Toad has two outputs, one from stage 7 and another from stage 12. They can be used individually or together for a wide, modulation stereo effect. Plus, each output has a switch for mixing the wet phased signal with a positive or inverted dry signal. This gives you more unique flavors.

Pittsburgh Modular promises classic swirls, rich swooshes, and phaser-like doppler effects.

First Impression

Another beautiful module from the Safari series. The front panel is a 1 with a star. An eye-catcher. I like the results of the Troad. Combined with other effects, it sounds very hypnotic and psychedelic. It’s a shame that the modules didn’t last long on the market.

Pittsburgh Modular The Toad is available now for $299 and is limited to 200 units. 

More information here: Pittsburgh Modular

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