Bastl Instruments Kastle 1.5 Synthesizer Has A Secret Oscilloscope Mode

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With the Bastl Instruments Kastle 1.5 modular Synthesizer, you can now produce vector visuals, thanks to a secret oscilloscope mode

When a Synthesizer is officially presented, it has a certain number of features, often regrouped in the best-known feature lists. If you are lucky and have a device from a good developer, this will continue to grow in the years to come. We media but also customers are very happy about that.

But there are often features that do not appear in any manual, the so-called Easter eggs. One of these has now been discovered in the cute “mini-modular” Kastle 1.5 Synthesizer from Bastl Instruments. Bernhard Rasinger aka BR Laser, an audio-visual artist from Vienna has discovered a secret oscilloscope mode in Kastle 1.5, with which one can make so-called oscilloscope music. More details, this easter egg transforms the Kastle 1.5 into a quadrature mini monster and allows you to create vector visuals.

 Bastl Instruments Kastle Oscilloscope Mode

In a new video, he walks thru the secret Easter egg that changes the Kastle into quadrature mini monster! Make vector visuals with your old friend. Bastl confirmed this should work on all Kastle v1.5 units ever built. Anyone who has a new generation Kastle at home and has an oscilloscope at hand knows what to do today or in the coming days. Happy visual making.

Bastl Instruments Kastle 1.5 is available now for 97€.

More information here: Bastl Instruments

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