Erica Synths Graphic VCO For Eurorack Is Now Available & Hands-On Demo Published

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Erica Synths announced on this year’s NAMM show 2018 the Graphic VCO, a new powerful digital oscillator. Since users can load their own waveforms into the module via the USB connection, the sound possibilities with this oscillator are endless. Beside this, it allows users to create own wavetables, morphing between waveforms, FM, phase distortion or different wave-shapers what makes this new module even more powerful. Also clever is that the module has two dedicated outputs: one as main output and one for a sub-oscillator.

The company released today a good hands-on video where you get a nice overview of the different features. The module is also now available from retailers and from their official website.


The Graphic VCO allows you to draw your own waveforms, arrange them in wavetables and wavetable banks, morph between two selected waves and alter the resulting wave in advanced ways (FXes) – apply FM, phase distortion, ring modulation, wavefold/wavewrap, bitcrush.

Waves, wavetables, FXes and other settings can be saved and recalled from the memory instantly. The module has two outputs – the main output and the output with configurable suboscillator.

  • Versatile waveform designer
  • Morphing between two selected waves
  • Wavetable design
  • Wavetable matrix design
  • Versatile waveform alteration – FM, phase
    distortion, ring modulation, wavefold,
    wavewrap, bitcrush
  • 32 classic wavetables included
  • Module state saving (Snapshots)
  • Configurable suboscillator output
  • Suboscillator tuning from -1 to -24 semitones
  • Suboscilator detuning (+/- 50 cents)
  • Skiff-friendly design
  • User waveform/wavetable upload via USB
  • Firmware upgrade via USB

Erica Synths Graphic VCO is now available for 330€ (+ 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping)

More information here: Graphic VCO 

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