KQ Dixie Is A New 6-Operator FM Synthesizer For iOS With DX7 Patch Compatibility

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Many excellent iOS Synthesizers were released last year. From classic VA, FM, wavetable to experimental Synthesizer (Soundscaper), there was a lot of movement in the iOS market. It seems that this year will be again an exciting year for mobile musicians. One of first iOS Synthesizer of 2018 is KQ Dixie, a new 6 operator FM Synthesizer for iOS with AUv3 support as well as DX7 patch compatibility. If you search an FM instrument that can read your DX7 patch folders than don’t miss KQ Dixie.


KQ Dixie is a 6-Operator FM synthesizer that is modeled on the synthesizer which appeared on the 1980s. FM synthesizers make sounds with Frequency Modulation. brings rich and brilliant sounds which are impossible to create with analog one. It makes very complex waves with simple modulations and is the same method used for a radio.The Synthesizer gained much popularity in the 1980s. This app lets you make sounds freely with 156 voice parameters.
Almost all parameters are compatible with DX7.

  • Audio Unit v3 compatible.
  • Audiobus compatible.
  • 32 algorithms included.
  • You can manage the hardware DX7 when it is connected with external MIDI cables.
  • Supports DX7 System Exclusive Messages (SysEx) and syx files.
  • Supports Zip files. (Audiobus forum thread about to import the files) 
Sound Demo By The Sound Test Room

Available here:  KQ Dixie

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