Haunted Spaces By Soniccouture Is A Collection Of Field Recordings From Extraordinary Locations

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Soniccouture is best known for excellent sample libraries for Kontakt 5. The company expand their portfolio recently with Haunted Spaces, a collection of deep field recordings from extraordinary locations like ancient temples, abandoned silver mines, cathedrals, underwater tunnels and more. The library features over 8GB of sample content and includes 440 presets snapshots designed by professional sound designers.

The idea that certain places take on the weight of past events is familiar to all of us.  Renowned field recordist Chris Watson has spent years collecting audio recordings from such places in one of his most personal projects. Ancient Temples, Ice Lagoons, Cold War Bases, Abandoned Silver Mines, Power Stations, Cathedrals, Canyons, Underwater Tunnels, Deserted Art Galleries and Maori Burial Caves all feature in this unique instrument.

Features of Haunted Spaces
  • 128 original Chris Watson recordings.
  • 189 original Soniccouture sample sets, including Ondioline, Novachord, Bowed Piano and many custom sounds.
  • 440 preset snapshots. Sound Designers: Ian Boddy, Andy Wheddon, Soren Lemmike, EXM, Tobias Menguser.
  • 8GB Library.
  • Cube Control: Vector synthesis interface.
  • Soniccouture Jammer – Generative Arpeggiator.
  • Modular Insert FX chain.
  • Space: custom convolution effect library.
  • NI Kontakt Player (5.6.8 or higher) / NI Kontrol / NI Maschine.

Haunted Space is now available for 149€/$179 USD. Until January 12th, 2018, you can save 30% OFF with the coupon code OISSYBUDE at checkout.

More information here: Soniccouture 

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