VirSyn’s Tap Delay Supports Now AUv3, Audiobus 3 & Ableton Link

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VirSyn released over the weekend an excellent update for the Tap Delay for iOS.

Features That Are Just Great! 

There are certain features in 2017 that you can no longer avoid as an iOS music app developer. AUv3, Audiobus 3 and Ableton Link. Everything important in 2017 is also available since the new update 1.1 in VirSyn’s Tap Delay effect app. These feature enhancements bring the app to a different level and significantly extend the usability: multiple instances, etc.

In Short! What is New In Version 1.1.0

  • AudioUnit AUv3 with parameter automation
  • Audiobus 3
  • Ableton Link

Available here: VirSyn Tap Delay

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