HY Plugins Released HY-RPE – A New Advanced Grid Sequencer Plugin For PC & Mac

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Many know the Japanese developer HY-Plugins as Max 4 Live developer. In the meantime, he is developing new interesting and affordable plugins with the same philosophy than his M4L devices for PC and Mac. His latest release HY-RPE is a new cross-platform block based grid sequencer plugin.

HY-RPE Is A Powerful Grid Sequencer 

HY-RPE features a 8 grid sequencer tracks where each grid sequencer track contains 4 sequencer blocks. Than you have 8 block chainer that controls the chain order of those sequencer blocks.

Endless Sequences With Creative Functions

To add more life to the sequences, it includes also a multi-slider for step velocity, probability as well as trigger timing. Snapshots can be created  also in HY-RPE per track in a dedicated Snapshot function. All your created sequences can be saved in an easy-to-use preset browser.

HY-RPE Free – More Than Just A Demo Version 

As usual, the developer also released a free version with less features. It comes with 3 grid sequencer tracks and 3 block chainer units.

Features Of HY-RPE 

  • 8 grid sequencer tracks.
  • 8 block chainer units.
  • Multi-slider for step velocity, probability and trigger timing.
  • Mute/solo control.
  • Snapshot per track.
  • Resizable window.
  • Preset manager.

HY-RPE is now available for Windows & Mac (32/64-bit VST) for $38 USD. A free version is also available on the official website.

More information here: HY-RPE 

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