Groove Rider GR-16 Is Out Now – Full Featured Sample & Synthesis Based Groove Box For iOS

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Just before Apple traditionally closes its App Store over the Christmas holidays for developers, Jim Audio has released its new Synthesizer for iOS. Groove Rider GR-16 is a new full featured step-sequenced groove-box based on a sophisticated sample & synthesis engine.  It’s inspired by best-known professional hardware drum machines and rhythm boxes.

Available here: Groove Rider GR-16

Groove Rider GR-16 is a professional step-sequenced groove box, inspired by professional hardware drum machines and rhythm boxes. It has a powerful Poison-202 based two oscillator synthesizer engine, plus a big variety of included PCM drum samples, insert/send/master effects, arpeggiator, automation recording, modulator, ADSR and filter block, and more! Built-in factory pattern library includes patterns in different music styles, which will inspire you (the list will be appended with the regular updates).

Groove Rider GR-16’s Engine – When High-Quality Synthesis Meets Samples 

Groove Rider’s engine features two main architectures: a high-quality synthesis and a sample engine. A source can be either a Synthesizer engine generated sound, or a PCM sample, internal or external (imported by user). The synth part is based on the excellent Poison-202 engine and features two oscillators.

Than the signal is routed to a filter block that includes several filter types (low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, peaking-filter or notch). Users can here choose between 2-pole or 4-pole versions of each filter, as well as simple filters and soft-clipped filters with more smooth and compressed sound in high resonance range.

The modulation section of Groove Rider is compared to other available Synthesizer groove-boxes massive. An extensive modulator block is located right next to the filter section and includes 9 different modulation waveforms per part: Envelope Generator Up/Down, Triangle LFO, LFO BPM-synched, Saw up/down, Square up/down and Sample&Hold. Users can assign part’s modulator to control one of 6 destinations: Filter, Pitch, Level, Pan, Oscillator parameter or Insert FX parameter. This allows musicians to create complex sounds very quickly.

Right next to the effects, an envelope section is available with a simple ADSR envelope generator. This can be routed to the amp or/and to the filter cutoff. All this is rounded up with a massive amount of high-quality on-board effects. Groove Rider features 34 different effects as insert effects with dedicated parameters for fine adjustments. It includes: reverb, chorus, flangers, phasers, mono & stereo delays, filters, distortions, decimators, vinyl break, slicers & more.

To get an excellent overview over your 16 parts tracks it features also a straightforward mixer page with all essential features of modern mixers (pan, mute, send FX, limiter…)

A Rhythmic Power-Horse – Arpeggiator, Sequencer & More 

Groove Rider is sold as the ultimate Groove Box and that’s it. It features an full-featured arpeggiator module with 6 different modes and over 30 rhythm patterns. For endless playability, an excellent scale play mode is included with 36 different scales to select from. Also it’s possible to play chords and notes directly with the interfaces. To work directly with the app, it comes also with more than 30 different midi groove templates.

Enough space is also provided. The app allows musicians to save up to 256 user patterns in a dedicated user pattern bank. It’s also possible to import & export user patterns via the iTunes File Sharing system and format.

All Known Connection Protocols are Included

In the initial version of Groove Rider, users can benefit from all best-known connection protocols: Ableton Link, AudioBus and Inter-App-Audio. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support yet AUv3 but maybe this feature will coming later.


  • synth engine is Poison-202 based: 2 oscillators, 5 waveforms (Saw, Pulse, Sine, Triangle and Super-Saw)
  • synth oscillator modulation types: Ring, Sync, PW and XFM
  • 83 available oscillator configurations
  • Filter module with LP, BP, HP, Notch type filters, 12 and 24 dB/octave
  • amp module
  • ADSR envelope, assignable to Amp and Filter
  • Modulator module with 9 LFO modulation shapes x 6 modulation destinations (Pitch, Filter, Level, Pan, Osc Edit, IFX Edit)
  • voice portamento (Slide)
  • polyphony up to 32 voices
  • 16 sounding parts per pattern
  • 16 steps x 4 bars per each part
  • each step consist of up to 4 voices (notes)
  • each step can be time shifted forward/backward a fractional value
  • assignable strokes for each step (to play several notes at one step)
  • assignable probability (chance) for each step note
  • 12 send effect types, one send effect per pattern
  • 22 master effect types, one master effect per pattern
  • 34 insert effect types, one insert effect per each part
  • master brickwall Limiter (can be switched on/off)
  • Arpeggiator with 6 modes and over 30 rhythm patterns
  • Scale play mode with 36 different scales to select from
  • Chords and Notes play mode
  • more than 30 different midi groove templates
  • up to 256 user patterns to store in one user pattern bank
  • import & export user patterns via iTunes File Sharing and
  • Ableton Link support
  • AudioBus support
  • Inter-App-Audio support

Groove Rider GR-16 is now available with a special 50% OFF introduction discount for $9.99 USD (normally 19.99 USD)

Available here: Groove Rider GR-16


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