Announced STP 2600 Synthesizer – An Improved Version Of The TTSH ARP 2600 Clone

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For a long time many musicians wish a new affordable version of the ARP 2600 Synthesizer from KORG. So far, there was only one ARP Odyssey, in a smaller version for a good price. Maybe on next year’s NAMM Show, KORG will unveil an ARP 2600 but there is no information yet if they plan a new version.

For those who can not wait and are gifted DIY users, the German company has announced something very interesting today. In about 6 months, the company will release the STP 2600, an ARP 2600 Synthesizer as a DIY kit. Initially, the developer released the TTSH which was an ARP 2600 Clone DIY Kit. The STP 2600 is the second version and is the successor of the TTSH that contains major updated and improved components.

General informations & features 

  • Much easier build (1 main & 10 module boards)
  • All VCO’s have 4 waveforms
  • VCF with 4012 and 4072 revision options
  • Added Sync, Gate and Trigger
  • Added ADSR mods
  • Improved circuits for less noise
  • Improved Mixer
  • Digital Reverb
  • Balanced Outputs
  • Small (37x32x10cm) sized
  • Except some ICs everything is Through Hole

The new STP 2600 will be available as a DIY kit (PCB, panels, rare parts) in approximately 6 months for an estimated price of 800€ without a case.

More information here: 


  1. A 2600 clone with mostly rotary pots and different layout? I dont think so…expensive as well with a high margin for the seller. Better to wait for the fullsized JMLS clone.

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