The Latest APD Bundle Features 6 Soundiron Sample Libraries For Kontakt At 85% OFF

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If you pass through the SYNTH ANATOMY website many times, you’ve probably heard all the Audio Plugin Deals Bundles from this year. For various deals my interest was so great that I also did complete written and video reviews. To conclude the year 2017, the company has launched yesterday a new bundle that features again a good collection of high-quality products. This time, APD is working with Soundiron to provide a bundle of 6 different sample libraries for the Native Instruments Sampler.

Available here: Audio Plugin Deals 

The Soundiron Super Insane Bundle includes

Soundiron Mars Symphonic Men’s Choir

It’s a comprehensive male choral ensemble library designed for professional film and television scoring, symphonic arrangement and music production. It is the most complete and detailed men’s choir sample library available anywhere, with a sound and playability that cannot be matched. Mars was designed as the first offering in our now widely acclaimed Olympus choral series. To build this titan, we took everything we had learned from engineering, developing and programming previous choir projects we worked on over the years at Tonehammer (Requiem, Liberis) and applied them here. Our goal was to provide a level of total flexibility, deep functionality and total sonic power that professional composers need.

Soundiron Struck Grand Piano 

The Struck Grand delves deep into the fine art of piano abuse. This 9 GB virtual prepared piano library explores unusual piano string articulations, including mallet strikes, finger mutes, plucks, steel slide bends, bass string scrapes, harmonics, metal hammer hits and other exotic playing methods. We sampled this 1926 Steinway Model L parlor grand piano in detail, capturing more than 4000 samples covering the full 88-key range. This Kontakt instrument library shines as both a melodic tuned percussion instrument and a massive stringed zither, with a broad pitch range, expressive dynamic responsiveness and a rich, complex musical character.

Soundiron Montclarion Grand Piano

The Montclarion Hall Grand Piano is a classic Steinway 1926 parlor grand that lives in one of our favorite recording halls. We captured in wide stereo from three distinct microphone distances (internal, external/mid and far/hall) to allow custom and surround mixing and provide different ambient flavorings. It has a crisp, solid tone ideal for classical composing, yet works equally well for soul, jazz, rock and pop. But this 7+ GB library goes well beyond a simple classical grand piano library. It also includes a wide selection of extended “prepared piano” and very useful creative FX articulations, such as percussive pounds, slams, string scrapes, steel guitar slides, mallet and pick glisses, sweeps, plucks and much more.

Soundiron Traveler Organ

Traveler Organ is a multi-sampled instrument library featuring an early 20th century Clough & Warren flat-top reed organ. A variety of stops and articulations were meticulously recorded dry in studio, with high quality noiseless preamps and a trio of Neumann microphones, capturing all the subtle nuances of this wonderful instrument. We captured a variety of stop configurations and articulations including sustains, marcatos and staccatos, along with bellows creaks, key clicks and plenty of custom sound-designed organs, pads and ambiences.

Soundiron Beat Boxer 

The Beat Boxer is a combination deep, multi-sampled percussion and solo vocal performance library. It captures the raw, urban human drum machine that is a beatboxer through a combination of multi-sampled round robin articulations and a variety of authentic performance loops. From kick drums to snares, robots to turntables and beyond, The Beat Boxer provides a fresh, organic and extremely playable instrument suitable for all composers. This hybrid multisample/groove library transforms the creative vocal art of up-and-coming East Bay beatboxer “JBox” (Jerry Girard) into a flexible and detailed virtual instrument.

Soundiron Rust Volume 1

Rust Vol. 1 is an eclectic collection of metal impact and tuned percussion recorded in a variety of natural environments. This first volume focuses on classic small objects and found sounds. You’ll find metal racks, paint cans, soda cans, magnetic balls, steel pipes, brass hardware, a musical saw and odd bits of furniture, along with large structures like mine shaft gates, steel tunnels, towering stairways and massive structural I-Beams.

Features of the Soundiron Super Insane Bundle
  • 31,730 Samples.
  • Over 450 Kontakt preset banks.
  • Unlocked wav samples can be directly imported into wav-compatible plugin or DAW.
  • Requires full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.5.2 (or later) to use the .nki presets included in this bundle.

The APD Soundiron Super Insane Bundle is now on sale for just $99.99 USD until January 10th, 2018 (regular $674 USD)

Available here: Audio Plugin Deals 

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