Sad News From The Software Front: LinPlug Stop The Plugin Development

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Some sad news coming from one of the greatest very small plugin developers. Peter of LinPlug announced today that he will stop the development of new plugins and also updates. LinPlug was one of these developers who created very innovative and great sounding virtual instruments. Long time ago per example, Peter (LinPlug) and Rob Papen worked together and released the Albino 3 Synthesizer plugin which is also today an excellent Synthesizer. Today we have Predator 2 from RP and Spectral Synth from LinPlug which are the further developments of the Albino 3 Synthesizer. But honestly, inside this vintage synth, there are features which you can’t find in none of these new plugins. Very happy that I still have a licence for this synth. 

One of my favourite synth plugins is still LinPlug’s Spectral Synthesizer because this instrument allows to create own waveforms and also to draw own filters. Both are amazing feature which gives you a massive potential of sound design. On top there are several FM features inside and excellent sounding effects. Very sad to hear this news today because he was one of these developers who try to be very different on the market. 

Big Thanks also to Peter who supported me with one of my first plugins to testing on my youtube channel. 

Check below the information from the latest newsletter.

Dear Friends of LinPlug,

we stopped development of our plugin instruments. This is mainly my personal decision. As much as I still love audio, I love video and photography. When I started LinPlug there was almost nothing on the market and we created many instruments to support musicians.  We (thats mainly Pavol and me ) have followed our mission to bring quality, innovation and service to the computer musician for long. But at some point I found that there is already everything available thats needed. I found the market to move into the newer, bigger, crazier direction to gain attention and sales. To make it short, I feel my mission for the computer musician is fulfilled and there are other missions waiting for me. I appologize for any inconvenience that this might cause to you.
What about your existing licenses: Nothing changed, go on and use your LinPlug instruments as before, if you don’t change your DAW you can do this forever.

What about service: We’re still here. Maybe its a good idea to backup the installers and your licenses (serials) as foreseeably one day we will not be available anymore. 

What about updates: Its very unlikely that any updates may appear. 

What else: We adjusted prices massively, so a license for an instrument is now 49 US$. Sound libraries for Spectral are 9.99 US$. We’re keeping the store open for some month at least. 

Finally, I understand if you are angry or sad or disappointed or whatever, its a big change for some of you and certainly for me. It means closing the chapter that for almost 20 years have been my life and passion, so this is no simple thing for me. Thank you, with your orders you have made it possible for us to live this dream.

Peter from LinPlug

You have read maybe in the news that they drop the prices of their products to $ 49 USD. For this price, a plugin like Spectral is an absolute no-brainer because it’s so big in sound design options and includes feature which doesn’t exist in one plugin synths. If you want something innovative than check out this synth. Before buying, I recommend to check out the demo version so you can verify if the plugin works fine on your system. 

More informations here: Linplug


  1. Can,t reactivate my octopus synth,wrote down one letter or number wrong on long serial number to activate,can anyone help or email me from linplug,paid for it a few years ago,thanks.

    • same here for a plugin. They don’t offer any support because the company is out of business.To be honest, just download a version from the internet and use this one. You have paid for it and so you can still use it.

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