Coffeeshopped Released PatchBase v.2.7 For iPad With Waldorf Blofeld Editor

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The Waldorf Blofeld desktop wavetable Synthesizer is an amazing instrument that offers a very unique sound and sound design options. It combines in a compact format everything that the cold beautiful sound of Waldorf makes. The Blofeld is now since years on the market and not changed in design or feature. One of the downsides of the Blofeld is in my opinion the way how you program sounds because the deep menu diving doesn’t make fun at all.

Normally to fix this, developers publish editors for PC and Mac. Unfortunately, Waldorf has so far not made an official editor available. There are various third party editors but many of which are either relatively expensive or have not been updated for some time.

As an Waldorf Blofeld user since over 2 years, I’m happy to announce that an new affordable editor for this Synthesizer is now available for iPad. Coffeeshopped released today PatchBase v.2.7, an app which include many editors for hardware Synthesizers and now also includes a Waldorf Blofeld editor. 

Today brings you Patch Base 2.7, and with it an editor for the Waldorf Blofeld. The Blofeld is the #1 most-voted-for synth in Patch Base, so I’m really happy to get this out there, as I know a lot of people want it. This new editor works for both the Desktop and Keyboard editions. And for the next few days, the In-App Purchase to unlock all of the Blofeld’s abilities is 25% off.

The Blofeld is a powerful digital polysynth, with 3 oscillators (with dozens of waveforms), 2 filters, 4 envelopes, 3 LFOs, 2 multi-effects modules, 4 control modifiers, 16 modulation routes, and a 16-step configurable arpeggiator (sort of crossed with a sequencer). And to control this beast, the synth itself only has a handful of knobs and buttons and a navigation screen.

So naturally, the Blofeld is a great fit for Patch Base. This new editor puts all of those main patch parameters on one main screen, with quick switches to go between the multiple oscillators, envelopes, etc. You can get a much clearer picture of what’s going on with a sound this way, and create new sounds with great speed. And on the arpeggiator screen, you can go deep into the sequencing capabilities of the synth. A single arpeggiator line can provide bars and bars of melodic variation (and chords, too). Frankly, it’s nuts.

PatchBase is free and the Waldorf Blofeld editor is available as in-app-purchase

Available here: Patchbase 


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