Limited Time Deal: UVI Sparkverb 40% OFF & UVX-3P – UVX-10 P Synthesizer 50% OFF

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UVI announced today two new excellent deals on one of their effect plugins and on two of their Synthesizer emulations. For limited time, you can save 40% on the very deep Sparkverb reverb plugin for PC and Mac. As user of this reverb, I can say it’s very unique because it allows to create many different reverb effects in one unique plugin. You can download for free a demo version where you can test all the features and with this discount, this plugin worth absolute the current asking price. 

With a cutting-edge algorithmic design, Sparkverb breaks the boundaries of contemporary reverbs giving users modern and innovative controls that dramatically enhance usability, speed and creative freedom while delivering breathtaking sound quality and remarkable CPU efficiency.

Features of Sparkverb

  • Advanced design with stunning sound and CPU efficiency.
  • Intuitive controls and ergonomics for phenomenal ease-of-use.
  • Randomize, mutate, and explore space between presets for limitless sonic options.

Available here: UVI Sparkverb 

Beside the Sparkverb reverb plugin, UVI offers also 50% OFF discount for limited time on their UVX-3P and UVX-10P Synthesizer emulations for the free Workstatation and Falcon. If you search good sounding vintage synth emulation which doesn’t attack your CPU, than check out this libraries. Both libraries are based on sampled content and includes all very authentic designed GUI’s. 

UVX-3P was developed with the same care and thoroughness as our other Vintage series instruments. A JX-3P was fully restored to factory spec, programmed by members of our sound design team and deeply multi-sampled, capturing samples both dry and with the built-in analog chorus enabled. Great care was taken to capture a wide range of the sonic capabilities of this synth, giving you 160+ presets in all.

UVX-10P was designed to deliver on all of the strengths of the JX series with none of the weaknesses. We started with a pristine JX-10, MKS-70, and JX-8P and set off, tirelessly programming and sampling these beauties in high-resolution through a world-class signal chain. As with the UVX-3P we made every sample twice, with and without the built-in chorus, providing an authentic and versatile foundation. This sonic backbone paired with the UVI Engine results in a lush and extravagant analog sound; faithful to the hardware with a modern studio bite.

Available here: UVX-3P 

Available: UVX-10P


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