Impressive Updates For The ValhallaDSP Plugins Now Available

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I think a lot of musicians already know that Sean Costello is an absolute mastermind in designing stunning effect plugins for a very affordable price. Also his unique price model to not offer special deals, gives him a high rank in the plugin industry. Today, Sean announced some big news for ValhallaDSP plugin users. He updated three of his amazing plugins with new features and new GUI’s. All these changes are free of charge and gives the users a lot of new possibilities. I copy the news from his personal blog so you have an overview about all the updates

ValhallaRoom v.1.5.1 

The main update to ValhallaRoom is the GUI. We’ve updated the Room GUI to fit in with the other Valhalla plugin GUIs.
  • “ValhallaRoom” title is smaller
  • Version info in upper right corner
  • Entire bottom of GUI dedicated to interactive tool tips
  • Knob pointers are larger, easier to see
  • Old colour scheme is still available 


ValhallaVintageVerb v.1.7.1 

ValhallaVintageVerb 1.7.1 adds 2 new reverb modes, Chaotic Hall and Chaotic Chamber. These modes are the results of a thought experiment: what would “old school” digital reverb algorithms sound like if they were made using tape delays?
The “chaotic” aspects of Chaotic Hall and Chaotic Chamber:
  • The saturation and pre/de-emphasis are based on tape delays, with a higher internal drive level than the other VintageVerb algorithms.
  • The digital quantization noise of the “Dirty” algorithms in VintageVerb has been replaced by tape modulation noise, which results in a more broadband spread of frequencies as the reverb decays.
  • The “random walk” used for chorusing in most of the VintageVerb algorithms has been replaced by a more “chaotic” modulation source. The “chaotic” modulation is closer to the wow/flutter/tape crinkle noise that can be heard in tape echoes, where the wear and tear of the tape loops results in a distinctive pitch modulation.
Chaotic Hall is fairly close to Dirty Hall in its basic structure,  just with “chaotic” elements. Chaotic Chamber is closer to the Smooth algorithms, but with the “digital” artifacts of the Smooth algorithms replaced with “analog” artifacts. Chaotic Chamber also adds some unique signal dependent diffusion parameters, which results in a clearer sounding reverb tale.

ValhallaShimmer 1.0.4 Beta

The changes since version 1.0.3:
  • Added mono-in, mono-out mode. This allows ValhallaShimmer to be used as a mono reverberator, or as a multi-mono reverberator in some DAWs.
  • Updated build settings, to keep pace with changes in OSX and Windows.
The 1.0.4 beta of ValhallaShimmer is available for testing for OSX and Windows.
More informations here: ValhallaDSP Plugins

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