Create VHS Effects And Add Warmth To Your Sounds With The New EchoMelt Multi-FX Plugin

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Psychicmodulation announced today the official release of the new EchoMelt audio melting multi-fx plugin that gives character, texture and warmth to your sounds. It can add  per example this wonderful vintage VHS effects to your sounds or complete tracks. If you are looking at the moment for a plugin that adds character to your compositions, than check out this new release.

EchoMelt is an Audio Melting Multi-FX unit designed for adding character, texture and warmth to your sounds. EchoMelt can create warbling “VHS” effects, swirling choruses, dubbed-out space delays, lo-fi saturated distortion and everything in-between. More than just a “lo-fi” effect, EchoMelt can be used in a variety of situations, equipt with a very useful 5-band fully parametric EQ that can be routed before or after all other effects, or even used on it’s own. In fact, each effect section can be used independantly, and each section has it’s own dry/wet mix in addition to the main Master Mix. Each section can even save it’s own presets for quickly loading up specific settings at any time.
EchoMelt is based on the onboard effects of the Phonec Synthesizer, but with big improvements and several new features that make EchoMelt an excellent multi-effect plugin to add to your arsenal.

Features of EchoMelt 
  • Melt: Analog-style drifting, instability and random fluctuations
  • Snag: Sporadic pitch jumps and dropouts
  • 2-Voice Chorus with Melt integration
  • Echo: Pitch shifting dub delay unit
  • Fully Parametric 5-Band EQ
  • Saturation driver can be applied to overall signal
  • EQ and Melt are both routable
  • Mix controls for each effect as well as Master Mix
  • Sub Presets for each FX section
  • MIDI Learn and automation of most parameters
  • Double Click Parameter Reset
  • Intuitive patch management system
  • 128 presets to get you started

EchoMelt v.1.0 (VST/AU) is now available for an introductory price of 39$. Users of Phonec Synthesizer will receive a special offer.

More informations here: Psychicmodulation EchoMelt

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