PUSH TURN MOVE – Interface Design In Electronic Music By Kim Bjørn Now On Kickstarter

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Just before the SuperBooth, the publisher Kim Bjørn announced the availability of the Kickstarter campaign of his upcoming PUSH TURN MOVE – Interface Design In Electronic Music book. A really interesting book with deep insights how designers like Axel Hartmann or Dave Smith their instrument design. If you love gear and love to know more about the story of this devices than this book is a must have for you.

Meet the makers, artists and designers behind great electronic instruments and controllers in this new book. Richly illustrated with original sketches, photos and graphics and with a foreword by music visionary Jean-Michel Jarre. 

PUSH TURN MOVE is written by Danish designer, author and electronic musician Kim Bjørn and edited by Mike Metlay, editor at Recording Magazine and Paul Nagle, reviewer at Sound on Sound Magazine. The foreword is written by Jean-Michel Jarre.

The essence of PUSH TURN MOVE is to explore innovative interface designs. A wide range of landmark pieces of equipment is featured along with chapters on design principles, control elements, usability, and more. More than twenty interviews with designers, makers and artists is also a vital part of the book. Quite unique for PUSH TURN MOVE is that a string of significant brands have joined the book side by side to share their knowledge about the growing family of tools for making electronic music.

Overall chapters and structure

  • Foreword by electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre
  • Sound: How is sound visualised in music soft- and hardware?
  • Control: How can you shape sound through tangible and digital controls? Learn about different controls (knobs, faders, touch strips, buttons, screens etc.) and their variations and possibilities.
  • Layout: How do you organise an interface for sound-creation? Get an overview of design principles and techniques for designing interfaces of electronic music instruments and controllers. 
  • Concept: How has different instrument-makers solved the challenges of visualising and controlling sound? See examples of hardware, software, apps etc. of Digital Audio Workstations, Grid-based sequencing, Modular Synthesizers, Collaborative tools, Radial, Gestural interfaces etc.
  • User: How do you design the best possible experience for musicians? Learn about user centered interface design, usability, workflows, experience design etc.
  • Time: How did we get to where we are? Read about the evolution and revolutions of electronic music interfaces – from the Theremin and EMS VCS3 to Buchla, the Minimoog, TB303, Yamaha Tenori-On, Monome, Ableton Live and various other hard- and software that have shaped electronic music making through the times. 

Exclusive Interviews with:
  • Richard Devine 
  • Skinnerbox 
  • Axel Hartmann
  • Matt Moldover
  • Daniel Troberg
  • Teenage Engineering
  • Suzanne Ciani
  • Dave Smith 
  • Oliver Gillet 
  • Native Instruments & more…

PUSH TURN MOVE is now available for pre-order for a special Kickstarter price of 49$ and will be available in October for a retail price of 79$.

More informations here: PUSH TURN MOVE

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