Doepfer announced New Eurorack Modules Lineup for SuperBooth 17

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Doepfer announced new Eurorack modules for the next week SuperBooth 2017. I had the chance to see the new voltage controlled performance mixer module already in 2016 and I can say it’s very clear designed to use it in live situation but I would love to see it as complete module and not as three individual modules. Nonetheless, Doepfer comes with a nice lineup this year to SuperBooth and I will try to make a coverage about this new modules.

On top, Dieter Doepfer announced that they will celebrate their 25th anniversary at SuperBooth this year with some special guests. 

Here are all the new modules:
  • A-111-4 Quad VCO – The A-111-4 contains four precision VCOs with 10 octaves range and has individual controls, inputs and outputs for each VCO available as well as common controls. After all the A-111-4 is very similar to four A-111-3 with built in output mixers for the three waveforms and a common control unit for all VCOs.
  • A-190-5 Polyphonic Midi/USB-CV Interface  – The A-190-5 is an Midi/USB interface that generates a Gate signal and four control voltages to control up to four VCOs and associated modules like envelope generators, filters and VCAs for polyphonic sound generation. The A-190-5 will be equipped with different polyphonic, duophonic, paraphonic and monophonic modes which are selected by means of a view menu buttons and the LC display.
  • A-173-1/2 Micro Keybord transmitter/receiver  – A-173-1/2 is a module combo that is used to generate a manually controlled 1V/Octave CV signal and up to 15 manually controlled gate/trigger signals. Typical applications are the transposition of a sequence by means of the CV output (without the need of an external keyboard and CV interface) and the manual generation of gate/trigger signals for start, stop, envelope generator triggering and other trigger tasks.
  • A-138s Mini Stereo Mixer – A-138s is a simple but useful 4-in-2 mixing tool. It has four inputs available. Each input is equipped with an attenuator (Level) and a panning control that is used to distribute the signal to the left and right output.
  • A-180-9 Multicore – The A-180-9 is used to connect up to 12 signals between two different cases by means of one standard Sub-D cable only. That way it’s possible to pre-patch e.g. two (monster) cases and connect all signals, that are required in both cases (e.g. clock, start/stop, master CV) by one cable only instead of 12 individual patches.
  • A-135-4 Voltage Controlled Performance Mixer Modules  – The A-135-4 module series form a fully voltage controlled performance mixer and can be combined with the manually controlled performance mixer modules A-138o/p.
Here is my coverage about the new A-135-4A Volltage Controlled Performance Mixer Module

  • A-110-6 Trapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCO – The A-110-6 is a new VCO design and uses a Quadrature Trapezoid as standard waveform. In addition to this unique waveform combo it also offers linear thru zero frequency modulation and quadrature outputs (i.e. two trapezoids with 90 degrees phase shift). The two basic waveforms are called Trapezoid Sine (TRASIN) and Trapezoid Cosine (TRACOS). The other standard waveforms (triangle, sine, saw, rectangle) are derived from the quadrature trapezoids by means of internal waveshapers.
  • A-150-8 Octal Manual/Voltage Controlled Programmable Switches – The Module A-150-8 contains eight manually/voltage controlled switches. Each of the eight switches has a manual control button (Man.), a control voltage input (CV), a common Out / Input (O/I), and two In / Outputs (I/O1, I/O2). The switches are bi-directional, i.e. they can work in both directions, so can connect one input to either of two outputs, or either of two inputs to one output.
  • Low-cost ‘monster synth’ Eurorack cases. – A-100LCM9 is the low cost version of the 9U monster case, A-100LCMB is the low cost version of the monster base. 
  • A-100LC1: A-100LC1 is an economically priced small housing with 48 HP width. It is available in two versions: raw wood or black coated. A-100LC1 contains the power supply/bus board A-100SSB which offers 8 bus connectors and 380 mA for each voltage (+12V and -12V). The device is directly connected to mains voltage (100-240V / 50- 60 Hz), i.e. no ‘wall wart’ is required. 

Stay tuned for my video coverage from SuperBooth 2017. 

More Informations here: Doepfer SuperBooth 2017 Lineup

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