Atmospheric Freaky Wired: Sugar Bytes Factory Synthesizer Sound Demo & Easter Sale

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Atmospheric, Freaky, Wirked! This are only few words to describe the Sugar Bytes Factory Synthesizer plugin for PC and Mac. Factory is a polyphonic Synthesizer presented last year on SuperBooth which combines multiple different synthesis engines. Per example, you can find a 8 voice virtual analog sync engine, FM synthesis, a different approach to granular synthesis and more. There are two significant important features in Factory. First, users can design their own very complex sequencers with crazy shapes. It allows not only note sequences but users can also map parameters to the sequencer and manipulate them with it. Other interesting and usual feature in Factory is the modulation matrix. On the right side, you can find a dice which offers you radical sound changes to your existing presets. Turn only a bit the dice and the modulation matrix will be changed in a intelligent way. If you search a crazy Synthesizer than I recommend you to check out Factory by Sugar Bytes.
Here is my first sound demo video about Sugar Bytes Factory Synthesizer

Available here: Sugar Bytes Factory Synthesizer

Currently it’s a good day to consider a purchase of a Sugar Bytes plugin because they announced today a limited time Easter Sale with discounts up to 51% on their complete product range. Until Easter Monday, you can save per example 50% on the Factory Synthesizer. Also their great IOS apps are on sale for limited time.

Sugar Bytes IOS Apps:

Turnado (Multi-Effects Processor) (19.99$ → 9.99$) 

Egoist (Groove Instrument) (29.99$ → 17.99$) 

Thesys (Midi Sequencer) (14.99$ → 7.99$) 

WOW Filterbox (Filter Workstation) (14.99$ → 9.99$)

Effectrix (Multi-Effect Sequencer) (17.99$ → 9.99$) 

Cyclop iPad Edition (Synthesizer) (24.99$ → 14.99$) 

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