PinkNoise Studio has released Deepflight 2 for Kontakt 5

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PinkNoise Studio, a good known company for their high-quality Synthesizer samples released today Deepflight 2 for Kontakt 5. Deepflight 2 is a new Kontakt Library based on the best sounds of the Roland D-50 Synthesizer.

  • ergonomic user interface.
  • new re-scaled faders (see pdf below for the details) for a natural feeling.
  • more than 100 custom made knobs, faders and switches to control the most important parameters of the synth.
  • customizable global MIDI implementation for 24 controllers.
  • host automation for 24 controllers.
  • 30 types of filter in 3 real-time switchable filter slots.
  • fully editable effects: equalizer, 2 types of distortion, delay, 2 types of reverb, comp.
  • 2 independent LFOs (waveforms: sine, triangle, square, saw, random) with tempo sync option, allowing modulation for 4 destinations: pitch, filter, volume and pan.
  • extensive modulation options for external sources: velocity, mod-wheel, channel aftertouch, random.
  • template load/save option for sound design.
212 Kontakt patches in 7 categories:
  • DF2 [All layers]
  • DF2 Arp & Sequences
  • DF2 Bass
  • DF2 Key & Polysynth
  • DF2 Lead
  • DF2 Monosynth
  • DF2 Pads & Strings.
  • 1.50 GB stereo multisamples

Available now for 25€ here and more informations here: Deepflight 2

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