Kammerl Audio released Free Alternative Firmware for Mutable Instruments Clouds

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Kammerl Audio released this a free alternative firmware for the Mutable Instruments Clouds which activate now a real time-slicing / beat-repeat mode. The new Kammerl Beat-Repeat mode analyses the incoming clock signal to enable real-time slicing of your audio input. Each slice can be black back with different loop, pitch and distortion settings.

Check out here the a user demo

Richard Devine used the this firmware in his latest sound demo on Instagram

What is the Mutable Instruments Braids?

Clouds is a granular audio processor – with a couple of twists. Unlike granular sample players, Clouds is focused on the realtime granularization of incoming audio signals, and the acquisition of textures from them.Classic controls such as grain position, size, and pitch are provided. Clouds can superimpose many grains simultaneously (at least 40, depending on the CPU used by its other features) and thus create thick textures. Control over texture density, independently of grain size, is thus provided. An external trigger input allows grains to be seeded in sync with LFOs or rhythmic generators.

To provide a richer variety of timbres, Clouds allows the shape of the grain’s envelope to be morphed – from sharp rectangular edges to a smooth bell curve. In addition, a diffusion network can further dissolve the edges of grains into blurry textures.Finally, to cover various applications of granular synthesis without the need for additional modules, Clouds’ comes with four “blending” settings for mixing and re-routing its output signal: dry/wet balance, random panning amount, feedback amount, and reverberation amount. Voltage control over one of those four parameters is possible.

Clouds’ delay memory ranges from 1s to 8s depending on audio quality settings.

More Informations here: Kammerl Audio Braids Firmware

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