HY-Plugins released HY-MPS sequencer Plugin & Free Version

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The Japanese developer HY-Plugins continues his plugin work and released today a great new sequencer for PC and Mac. He announced today the release of HY-MPS, a block based sequencer plugin for both platforms. As usual for plugins of HY-Plugins, you find also  stripped down version of this plugin for free on this website.

There are 8 sequencer blocks which produces midi note events. Playback chain order of seq blocks will be controlled by block chainer. Block chainer is a 16 step sequencer which controls chain order of seq blocks. Sequencer block is a step sequencer unit. Full version have 8 seq block units. You can make midi sequence with combining these seq blocks.

Also running direction and step size of each seq block can be set independently. Each seq block represents a quarter note. And step size represents divide factor. So if you set step size 4, each step becomes 16th note.

The full version of HY-MPS has 8 sequencer blocks and 2 LFO units and it’s priced at $28 USD. The free version comes instead only with 3 sequencer blocks.

Available here: HY-MPS Sequencer Plugin & Free Version

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