Itoh Tomoaki released LCW-1 Synthesizer for iPhone and iPad

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Itoh Tomoaki released LCW-1 monophonic Synthesizer for iPhone and iPad. 

Available here: 

LCW-1 Synthesizer features: 

  • An App with 8 monophonic Synthesizers
  • This app is for playing the SE (sound effect). It resembles ToyTone released in the past
  • Midi supported only Note On, Note Off and All Note Off 
  • Anti-Aliasing has implemented (AA) When turning off anti-aliasing, it sounds like ToyTone. 
  • Delay Effect – supported from short interval to around 1 second 
  • Midi – Drum – Receive “Note On/Note Off” and work like a drum machine. 
  • Midi – Synth – Using 1-8 channels, it operates as 8 monophonic synthesizers.
  • Support Inter-App-Audio (Generator Only) 
  • Timbre can be stored in 24 locations 
  • To receive MIDI on LCW-1, Camera Connection Kit and MIDI device (ex. USB MIDI Interface) is required.

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