Soulsby Synthesizers Oscitron Oscillator for Eurorack announced

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Soulsby Synthesizer announced today the Oscitron Oscillator module for Eurorack. I’m happy to see that developer tries also to release new oscillator modules with another approach than classical analog synthesis. This new module sounds different than all the classical oscillator modules and I’m pretty sure the results are also different.

The Oscitron
And to kick off the year, here’s our brand new product, the Oscitron! It’s an 8-bit wavetable oscillator rammed full of features, some from the Atmegatron and some new. We’re also launching it’s companion module, the Uni-Five. It’s a utility module that converts bipolar LFOs and 8V envelopes to unipolar 5V control voltages.
It launches on the 19th Jan. It’s £260 (inc VAT) for the Oscitron/Uni-five bundle. The modules are also available separately.

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