Pre-NAMM News 2017: Stylophone GenX-1 Demo

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In less than two week, the NAMM show will start but we have already new product release. I wrote last week an article about the massive update of the Stylophone GenX-1 but a good sound demo missed. Today, the developer released an excellent sound demo of it and the included delay unit really brings the Stylophone to a new level. Also the price is great. It cost only 59,99£ 

Features Stylophone GenX-1 

  • Portable Analogue Synthesizer 
  • Inbuilt Speaker 
  • Battery operated
  • Stylus Keyboard 
  • Sound Strip 
  • LFO – Triangle & Square Wave 
  • Envelope – Attack Decay
  • Lowpass Filter – Cutoff / Resonance 
  • Sub Octaves  –  -1 / -2
  • Delay – Time & Feedback 
  • Mini Jack – In & Out 
  • The X Button – PWM 

Available here for pre-order: Stylophone GenX-1

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