SOS Minimoog – Portishead and the ABBA Cover

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Before some weeks, I watched a really interesting movie (High-Rise) where I found such an amazing cover of the ABBA song S.O.S. After this movie, I take my laptop and I search for this specific song. I found that the song was made by Portishead, legends for Trip-hop music. The reason why I’m so flashed by this specific song is that they doesn’t take the original song and make an simple cover but they rearrange it completely. They use completely different instruments and the result is awesome. Each instrument is played extremely deep and demonstrate how wonderful they can sound. For me, it was a goosebumps moment. Listen to the song and hope you feel the same.

Our friends from Ask.Audio released some days ago a great interview with Portishead’s Synthesizer player Adrian Utley in their Synth Stories. He describes how they make the cover. I really recommend you to read and listen the interview of Adrian.

You can check it out here: Ask.Audio Synth Stories – Adrian Utley

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