Plogue Chipspeech 1.5 released

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There is a new version of the Chipspeech Synthesizer. In version 1.5, the developers adds some  two new 16 bit characters. CiderTalk’84 (MacinTalk 1.x) which was heard in the famous mac introduction in 1984. The second is the Rotten.ST from Atari ST’s STSPEECH.TOS, a staple of early techno. (U96’s Das Boot) To much information? Check out the video demo for better understand what kind of sound, you can create with the new characters. The update is free of charge for all existing user of Chipspeech.

Dr. CiderTalk’84 is no ordinary doctor… while normal doctors have a PhD in medicine, economics, physics or other similar fields, CiderTalk has a PhD in everything. He does know everything, and will constantly remind you of it. Every time something goes well, rest assured he will make sure you know that it was because of him. While everybody agrees that he is a genius, nobody can cite an example of something that CiderTalk actually did. Long lasting rumors explaining his powerful charisma would entail secret nano tech that invades everyone (and everything) around him.
  • Inventors: SoftVoice, Inc.
  • Famous for: Introducing the Mac on January 24th 1984
  • Device: MacInTalk 1.0 and Amiga’s narrator.device.
  • Synthesis type: Formant synthesis
  • Wikipedia: link
  • Tone: Crunchy and somewhat lively.

Rotten.ST has been in and out of British prisons since starting the cyberpunk movement in the early ’80s. Although nobody really knows exactly what he was arrested for, we can only imagine it was for good reasons. Rotten.ST has a pathological relationship with any form of authority, justice, law or order. You can be sure you will find him there loudly decrying the system, clamoring against police brutality, trying to start a riot (often succeeding). He is always be the first one in the paddy wagon. When things get rough, his signature blunt weapon is a large microphone stand, which he will gladly swing towards anyone in uniform. His intentionally buzzy and electronic voice and his looks -which consists in showing off as much electronic parts as possible- are all about subverting social norms.

  • Inventors: Martin Day and Andy Beveridge
  • Famous for: U96 – Das Boot, Quadrophonia, other early Techno
  • Device: Atari ST’s STSPEECH.TOS
  • Wikipedia: link
  • Synthesis type: Windowed Oscillator Sync
  • Tone: Buzzy and aggressive

More Informations here: Chipspeech 1.5

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