VirSyn released VoxSyn for iPhone and iPad

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Big Surprise from the german developer VirSyn. Before the big Summer time, the developer released a new Synthesizer app “VoxSyn”. It looks very interesting to transform voices in Synthesizer sounds. Also the user interface is as usual very nice designed and looks very intuitive. Hope I can review it and it’s a iPhone and iPad app so you can use it on two different devices. 

VoxSyn turns your voice into the most flexible vocal sound generator ever. Instantly following even subtle modulations of pitch and spectral changes of your voice VoxSyn creates signature vocal sounds far beyond traditional vocoding. 

Talk or sing into the microphone and you’ll trigger various synthesizer sounds following your voice pitch or the notes touched on the hexagonal keyboard / external MIDI Keyboard. The basic sounds are selected from a vast pool of predefined sounds from the famous TERA synthesis engine which can be further expanded by its unique random sound generator.

The harmonic table note layout visualizes your voices pitch in realtime and also let you play notes for more traditional vocoder effects.

The output can be recorded to an audio file which you can use with other Apps and programs for further processing.


– Voice control of pitch and timbre
– 22-channel Vocoder
– Integrated preset synthesizer engine
– Hundreds of presets included
– Hi-end Reverb and Chorus/Delay/Distortion/Phaser effects
– Share/Export of audio recordings
– CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI and Background audio
– Inter App Audio compatible
– Audiobus 2 support (Input/Filter/Output) with state saving

VoxSyn is available for iPhone and iPad here:

The official video is here:

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