Shoom for iPad is released

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Yuri Turov just released Shoom Synthesizer App for iPad. It’s a wonderfull expressive and special app. Make drones, leads and all other kind of expressive sounds. 

Available here:

Shoom is an expressive XY pad synthesizer. Or, more precisely, three identical synthesizers in one app. It is capable of playing any pitch in the audible range and doesn’t necessarily limit you to a particular scale. Nevertheless, if you do want to use scales, Shoom can deliver anything from common 12-tone equal tempered to xenharmonic and microtonal.

Three independent synthesizers

20–20,000 Hz pitch range

Slide freely or snap notes to scale with adjustable glide rate

Set notes to infinite hold using a dedicated toggle

Microtonal and non-octave repeating scales support

MIDI CC control and clock sync

Inter-App Audio, Audiobus 2 support

60+ bundled presets

Import and export of presets and CC maps

Synthesizer engine features:

Adjustable polyphony, up to 30 voices

Two oscillators with 4 waveforms and PWM, and one noise generator

Oscillator FM cross-modulation

4 pole (24 dB/octave) resonant low pass filter with overdrive and pitch tracking

2 variable slope ADSR envelopes for amplitude and filter cutoff

2 LFOs with 9 waveforms, up to 3 out of 12 simultaneously assignable parameters, trigger and global running modes, fade-in and phase controls

Y axis position as modulation source with up to 3 of 15 simultaneously assignable parameters

Note pan randomizer

Built-in stereo delay and reverb effects

Check out my video how great you can do drones with Shoom. If you want to purchase it, please use my links, so you support not only the developer but also my work. Many thanks in advance

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