AUM Mixer – The new must have Mixer App from Kymatica

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After more than 7 months in developing, the new app AUM Mixer from Kymatica is now available for the public. I was one of the happy users who had the opportunity to test the app in the beta version. The beta development was amazing to watch. In every new beta version, Jonatan adds new features and improvements to the app. I was not so happy in the early beta version about the knob reaction but Jonatan was so open to improvements  that he implement the changes in the next versions. 

Great way how he work together with his beta testers. But now after some weeks and months of waiting, I can happy announce that the app is now available for the public and you can purchase it now in the introduction offer. 

To be clear, AUM is much more than a classical mixer app but offer so a lot of excellent of features to simply the workflow of iPad musicians. 

AUM Mixer offers: 

– High quality audio with up to 32 bit 96 kHz 
– great user interface 
– Unlimited number of channels 
– Unlimited number of effect slots 
– Inserts and sends are configurable pre/post-fader
– Audio Interfaces Support 
– IOS Audio Unit Support 
– IAA 
– AudioBus + State Saving 
– High accurate Transport Clock 
– Metronome and optional pre-roll 
– Sends host sync to IOS AU and IAA Apps 
– Ableton Link 
– FilePlayer with Sync, Looping and access to all AudioShare Files 
– Latency compensations 
– Separate IAA and AudioBus output ports 
– Build-in MIDI Keyboard 
– Fully MIDI controllable 
– MIDI Matrix 
– Built-in signal processing like: Stereo to mono, Stereo balance, Filters, Gain, Saturation        and much more 

I released a short video showing to the excellent possibility to create layered instruments inside AUM Mixer. I use three iSEM Synthesizers in IOS Audio Unit Version and a IOS AU Filter Effect from Blamsoft.

My impressions of AUM Mixer:

AUM Mixer from Kymatica combines an extreme powerful app with a huge amount of features. With the modular routing system, you can create an audio signal networks without messing around for hours. With the feature that you can also use audio interface with the app, you can also route external audio in your system. 

For me personal, the feature that you can create complex multi instruments with this app, is the my love feature. In some minutes you can combine easy a IOS Audio Unit with a IAA Instrument and create new sounds never heard because you combine two instruments apps.  In my demo, I was so happy to see how big iSEM can sound if you layer it in one unique sound. Endless possibilities with awesome new app from Kymatica. 
Don’t forget, if you purchase AUM, you receive the version for your iPad and for your iPhone. An absolute must have app for all iPad musician. 

Kymatica AUM Mixer is available here. If you want to buy it, please use my link so you support my work and my future videos about all kind of iPad and Computer music. 

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