TBStuff iTuttle Synthesizer Version 2 for iPad released and sale

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TBStuff released iTuttle Synthesizer application version 2 which comes with a lot of new features:

  • Audiobus 2 support (with State Saving)
  • New Oscillators Mode : Drawbars
  • Add Hard Sync on Osc 2 on Oscillators Mode « 3×3 »
  • New Filter : Formant
  • Add Filter’s Spreads (Cutoff and Resonance/Vowel)
  • New Modulation Sources : Random Value (Bipolar & Unipolar)
  • Save Keyboard’s configuration with each sound
  • Remove Korg WIST
  • Remove audio input
The app is actually on sale for 2.99 USD

Here is a video about the first version of iTuttle Synthesizer 

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