AAS Synthesizer and SoundBanks in Sale – My love to AAS and Physical Modelling Synthesis

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It’s Christmas and Applied Acoustics Systems launched their Christmas and New Years offers and offers their soundbanks for their Synthesizers and for the free AAS Player for a great price. In the past I make some video content about some of the packages. I can guarantee that this investment in one sound library with a value of 15 Euro, give so much more sounds and new ideas. Here are some demos, I made for demonstrating the libraries. If you down own AAS Synthesizers yet, now it’s also a great moment to get 50% off. AAS is the specialist in Physical modelling synthesis technology and offers only unique instruments. 

AAS Sturm GS-2 (50% OFF) Sturm GS-2

Here a combo of AAS Sturm GS-2 and UVI Relayer 

AAS String Studio VS-2: (50% OFF) : 
String Studio v.2

Harmonic Geometry from Richard Devine for AAS String Studio. One of my favourite sound banks of Applied Acoustics Systems 

Another great SoundBank is called Cardinals for AAS Chromaphone. Personally, I own a lot of Synthesizers with a different features but Chromaphone is one of these Synthesizers which give me wow feeling direct at the first try. It offers so amazing percussive synthesis possibilities. And with the growing SoundBank Collections, you will get more and more sounds to explore. 

AAS Chromaphone is available at the moment with a 50% off:

AAS Chromaphone

Here is another great SoundBank for AAS Chromaphone called KitNetix. New flavours and a lot of different sound for an amazing price at the moment. 

AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 (50% OFF): Ultra Analog VA-2

AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 is an virtual analog Synthesizer based on Physical Modelling Technology. Try the demo, it’s worth to try 

AAS Lounge Lizard EP-4 (50% OFF): Lounge Lizard EP-4

AAS Lounge Lizard EP-4 is an E-Piano Emulation based also on Physical Modelling Technology. What is special on LL EP-4 is that you can make sounds behind a classical E-Piano and go deeper in the sounds of an E-Piano. 

AAS Tassman 4 (50% OFF): Tassman 4

AAS Tassman 4 is a Physical Modelling Monster Modular Synthesizer. Actually the Synthesizer is in Version 4 but a new version is expected for 2016. Don’t forget if you buy it now in sale, you can upgrade it for a very loyal price in 2016 if a new version will coming. It’s a very crazy modular Synthesizer different to normal software modular Synthesizer. Physical Modelling offering you here new sound possibilities like a normal Modular Synth. 

Please support this excellent company, I’m a big fan of Applied Acoustics Systems 

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