Klevgrand released ENKL a new monophonic synthesizer for VST/AU and IOS

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Main Features of ENKL: 
– Realtime rendered audio 
– 2 separate oscillators (Triangle, Sawtooth, Square or Noise Waveforms)  with individual LFO’s
– Oscillators can be added, subtracted or multiplied together 
– Each LFO has its own ADSR and modulates it’s oscillator’s pitch or volume 
– High Cut Filter 
– Low Cut Filter 
– Chiptune style Arpeggiator 
– Legator Mode 
– Ping Pong Delay (Post Effect) 
– 3 Band EQ (Post Effect) 
– 93 Presets 
Available here for only 14.99 USD for Mac and Windows  http://klevgrand.se/products/enkl/
Available here for IOS for 5.99 USD 


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