7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – Yamaha Synth Book

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Here is a sound demo of the free Yamaha Synth Book Synthesizer

Yamaha celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Yamaha Synthesizers with the “Yamaha Synth Book” app for iOS. This app features a complete history of Yamaha Synthesizers, an integrated virtual analogue software synth, a kind of DJ Performance app controls audio phrase, and serves as a portal to Yamaha’s online synth communities.

8 features 

  • Music Remixer is an app for the iPhone that allows audio phrase s assigned to pads to be combined and played in real time. Featuring a wide range of effects and mixer functions, it can also be used for simple performances.
  • AN2015 features virtual analogue modelling like the AN1x. It also features a drum part that can keep the beat going while you perform and control the main synth part.
  • HISTORY features detailed, “Behind the scenes” information about the 40-year design and development history of Yamaha synthesizers.
    This fascinating historical accounting of the technological breakthroughs behind some of the most innovative, musical and successful Yamaha synthesizers is a must-read for all synth fans.
  • Special Contents
  • NEWS provides you with information such as driver updates, local event and sales campaign.
  • PRODUCT LINE-UP is showing video of current product line-up: MOTIF XF Series, MOXF Series, MX Series, CP4 STAGE, CP40 STAGE
  • YAMAHA APP CATALOG introduces other Yamaha Synth iOS Apps.
  • PORTALS features links to Yamaha’s online communities. Connect with other Yamaha Synth fans around the world on Facebook or Yamaha’s own online synth community: yamahasynth.com.

Available here: Yamaha Synth Book

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