Behringer UB-Xa D desktop poly analog Synthesizer (Oberheim OB-Xa) ready for pre-order

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Behringer UB-Xa D is now available for pre-order, a desktop version of its clone/replica of the Oberheim OB-Xa polyphonic analog Synthesizer.

Good news from Behringer. The long-awaited UB-Xa D desktop analog polyphonic Synthesizer based on the Oberheim OB-Xa is now shipping and ready for pre-order.

The features are 98% the same as those of the keyboard version. It lacks the polyphonic aftertouch keyboard, wheels, and larger form factor. You get here a desktop unit that is much more compact and includes rack ears in the box. The engine is 100% the same.

Behringer UB-Xa D

Behringer UB-Xa D

Like the UB-Xa keyboard, it’s a multi-timbral 16-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer with eight vintage modes, dual VCFs, two envelopes and LFOs, and more.

It’s a shame the desktop version doesn’t offer a USB host port on the back. That would have made connecting keyboards or MIDI controllers lightning-fast.

Behringer UB-Xa D is available now for pre-order for 849€ and is shipping now from the factory. Delivery is TBA (estimated in several months).

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Behringer is celebrating great success with the UB-Xa polysynth. Yes, a UB-Xa desktop version will also be available for fans of synths without keyboards in the future. The last status report was in May 2023, when it was still a prototype.

According to a fresh Facebook post, the Behringe UB-Xa desktop is now in production.

Behringer UB-Xa desktop production

The shared photo shows two pallets with already packaged synths. Delivery to dealers will, therefore, begin soon. However, Behringer has not yet officially announced the synth as “released”. If that is the case, we will also know the final price.

That will also be when the first retailers will start accepting pre-orders. So far, we still have to wait.


Update From May 27, 2023

In addition to the much-expected UB-Xa keyboard (OB-Xa clone/replica), Behringer also works on a UB-Xa desktop. There has been no news about this since February 2022. Like many projects, it has also been quiet.

Today there is a small update with new photos of the latest prototype.

Here also the backside, where we can see the final I/O, including left/right outputs, mono output, phones, full MIDI, and different foot pedal inputs… And what will please many, an internal power supply.

Behringer UB-Xa desktop


Article February 24, 2022

Behringer has been working on a clone/replica of the Oberheim OB-Xa analog polyphonic Synthesizer for a long time. A synth hat many are waiting for. The project has not yet been published or made available because Behringer is also affected by the current chip crisis.

But that shouldn’t be a reason for the team to keep their feet still. So the developers have been working on a desktop version called UB-Xa D which Behringer previewed for the first time today.

Behringer UB-Xa D prototype

Behringer UB-Xa D prototype

As you can see from the photos, the Behringer UB-Xa D prototype is a significantly compact Synthesizer. The controls seem to be the same as in the keyboard version. But here much closer together and minus the keyboard. I like the format very much and I can imagine that a lot of musicians are interested in it. Especially those who have little space in the studio or already have too many keyboards.

Interestingly, the UB-Xa D will also have a fan on the back like the Deepmind poly synth.

Behringer says

While we’re all waiting for chips to finally produce and ship the UB-Xa, our engineers haven’t been sitting still and in the meantime finished the prototype of the desktop version. Like with all our other desktop modules, this one will be rack mountable, too.
We’re super excited and hope you love it, too:-)

Behringer UB-Xa D prototype

One can only hope that the UB-Xa will be launched soon. Once released, we’ll see the UB-Xa D soon too, I’m pretty sure.

No official price or availability information. This will follow at the official launch.

More information will follow here: Behringer 

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  1. Funny how, when it’s a big news weekend, but also a holiday weekend, that there’s basically no Behry Stans on the watch, dropping comments, countering criticism, keeping the story in-line with corporate reviews/talking points.


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      • Anyone who reads the website regularly knows why. I support vintage replica releases like the OB-Xa, Solina, Moog Eurorack modules etc. But no copy releases based on products still on the market from the original developer. Like the Spice, which is a copy of the Subharmonicon synth released in 2020.

        I close comments because people find it necessary to fight each other over which is better. And not in a normal way but in an ugly choice of words. Free speech yes but please in a social vocabulary and not like in a pigsty without respect for others and their opinions. And anyone who finds it necessary to attack me personally and my job without showing their own face and background, doesn’t need to be a part of the conversation. Anyone who thinks they can do better should open their own website. You can do it with a few clicks. Just do it!

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  2. Behringer should focus on developing more desktop and semimodular synths. I seriously ran out of physical space from buying all their keyboard synths but I wanna buy the UB-Xa D and more for my home studio.

  3. I am not Sarah, that is my fellow colleague. We create Apps for a living (you can find us on KV) and I cannot attest for those personal attacks as I have never personally attacked you. However I do find your position rather untenable. I have always treated you with respect and I will continue to do so, however you must be willing to accept criticism. That aside, as a single person running this operation, you do a commendable job in covering an industry with news better than most sites equally dedicated to the task. However you must exercise some editorial oversight and be willing to expose manufacturers and their conduct.

    Best of luck to you moving forward.

    • Ah understand. Like I said, I accept criticism. But as the owner of this site, I have to decide what I write and what not. And on the subject of Superlative, I clearly reported what I was told on Superbooth 23. He also gave an update in April on the Kickstarter page in the update section.

      I can pull more information off my fingers than I currently have. Anything else would be invented and a lie. I’m in the same situation as everyone here. I am dependent on what the developer communicates. How he communicates is not great. I can understand every unhappy supporter. I wouldn’t be also. But as long as people don’t contact me in bulk and complaining about the situation, I don’t see that as a big problem. That a Kickstarter project can take years is almost normal. See Osmose and other projects.

      I backed in 2015 for an USB accessory and I got it in 2018. With Kickstarter you support the company and development with your money and do not buy a product. You don’t make a sales contract for a product, you give money to the developers for a project. The thank you for the successful project is the product. So if you conclude a sale contract and the developer didn’t sent you the product, then it’s scam and I write about the manufacturer/shop and their conduct. See the article about the scam shop selling Logic Pro. But in this case, it’s a Kickstarter project. And this can last 1 year or 4 or 5 years. It’s like a long-term investment, it can succeed or fail.

      And as you can see he has given at least 4 development updates every year. So backers received regular feedback on where the project is. With photos, etc.

      Writing an article and blaming a developer for how poorly he communicates is not appropriate here. He communicates! not often but he does it. If he had sold people a finished product on his website shop and not delivered it, that would be different story and plus that would be criminal.

      Everyone should have their opinion on this topic. But it should be on a peaceful level. Hate, blaming, personal attacks, etc. don’t help anyone and are not welcome here at all. It only leads to a ban. Critics sure but a “good” level without trolling, etc. I just make my job here, I make mistakes sure, I’m not a robot.
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        I will only say that whilst you are attempting to provide the most current update, news, and development, perhaps it would serve you and your readers better if you provided a link to more controversial issues to provide more transparency. However I realise that you have time restraints as well.

        All of that said, thank you again for creating this site. This is the first site we now consult for the latest news and development within the industry.


  4. if the world since the 2016 is any clue: haters gonna hate. downmarket is the future folks. it is inevitable.

  5. Still waiting on the clone for the ARP Solina String Ensemble. What’s taking so long for that?

    • You are probably a bit late. The first batch of units already arrived last week or so and is sold out. Thomann had it the Solina on stock for some days.

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