Behringer FPGA Synthesizer? New Engineers Wanted For New Synth Projects!

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A Behringer FPGA Synthesizer? They are looking for engineers for new synth projects that have a lot of experience with digital technology, including FPGA?

Analog or digital, a topic that is still widely discussed to this day. Analog as well as digital Synthesizers have their advantages and disadvantages. In the digital world, it has recently become apparent that manufacturers are moving towards FPGA. Novation with the Peak or Waldorf with the KYRA Synthesizer. Now Behringer also seems to be planning something.

Uli Behringer is currently looking for new engineers for new Synthesizer projects that have experience with digital technology. Here also FPGA is mentioned. So it can be very good that Behringer now jumps on the digital train and plans a FPGA synth. If you are interested, you can send your CV to them and join maybe the crew.

Behringer FPGA Synthesizer

What Behringer Says On Facebook

Want to design amazing Synthesizers? We are looking for several passionate and talented digital hardware, FPGA and software engineers for our world-class synthesizer teams in the UK and Germany. Send us your CV with your email address if you are interested to turn the synth world upside down:-) Willich, 76187 Karlsruhe, Deutschland.

More information here: Behringer

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  1. I have designed a unique family of synths that are visually and conceptually riveting, and that together form a unique ecosystem of next-level sound design tools. I have designed the hardware of my dreams with obsessive passion for opening up new sonic frontiers all based on a singular vision that harkens the birth of a new era that offers technology that transcends itself and in which the eternal mysteries of sound are revealed to the race of Man.
    At this point, all these things are just drawings on paper. I want to start a synth company but I don’t have hands-on experience working with electronics. I just know what my dream machines do and what they look like as well as what their poetic names are. Maybe someone reading this will have some good advice, or be potentially interested in joining forces with me with either their expertise in electronic engineering or business management know-how.

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