Infrasonic Audio WCEX, new expander turns the Warp Core oscillator into a stereo synth voice

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Infrasonic Audio WCEX is a new expander that turns the unique Warp Core phase distortion oscillator into a stereo Synthesizer voice. 

Some new Eurorack oscillators debuted last year. One that I like to think of is the Warp Core from new developer Infrasonic Audio. This is an intriguing digital stereo oscillator based on phase distortion synthesis. Yes, the synthesis that made Casio famous in its CZ synth lineup.

A new batch of modules has just arrived, announced the developer. This also applies in Europe, for example at Schneidersladen. In addition, he released an exciting expander that is almost a must-have for every Warp Core user. 

Infrasonic Audio WCEX

Infrasonic Audio WCEX

The WCEX is a new expander for the digital Warp Core stereo oscillator. With 4HP, a very compact expander, but one that has a big impact. WCEX turns the stereo oscillator into a full stereo Synthesizer voice by adding a classic ADSR envelope and internal digital stereo VCA to it. 

Now some people are wondering: a synth voice also consists of a filter. That is correct. But in this case, there is no internal filter. However, the Warp Core has eight algorithms and other options that allow you to generate a variety of sounds, including with more and less harmonic content. 

The new WCEX expander gives you an ADSR envelope and a stereo VCA. The module gives you hands-on control over the envelope with knobs for the attack, and release and a shared for the decay/release.

Then, it has a gate input for triggering the envelope, an envelope output for using it with other signals, and a VCA CV input. So you can also control the amplitude with another signal like a more advanced envelope. Good, the gate input and envelope output remain fully functional, including the normalizations.

The envelope signal is internally normalled to the WARP A and WARP B CV inputs on Warp Core for fast and easy timbral modulation. 

New Firmware Updates

Besides this, Infrasonic Audio also published new firmware updates (1.1, 1.2) for the Warp Core over the last months. It includes improvements, bug fixes, and a new firmware utility web tool.


First Impression

The Warp Core is a very exciting stereo oscillator. One that is still quite unknown in my opinion. Hope that changes this year. It sounds very versatile and the new expander rounds off the package nicely.

Infrasonic Audio WC:EX is available now for 95€. Warp Core is available now for $375/ 438€ (Schneidersladen). If you buy both together on the official website, you get a 25% OFF discount on the expander. This offer is valid until February 16th, 2024. 

More information here: Infrasonic Audio 

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