Synthmania releases free Behringer JT-4000 micro editor for macOS and Windows

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Synthmania, a German synth blog, has published a free standalone editor for the 49€ Behringer JT-4000 micro hybrid Synthesizer.

With the JT-4000 micro, Behringer showed last year how cheaply they can build synthesizers. For just 49€, you get a portable synth with many features, both analog and digital. However, compromises must be made regarding connectivity with only a USB-C port, phone socket, a somewhat limited touch keyboard, and few controls. 

Good, the JT-400 micro offers full MIDI implementation. This allows users to control the synth completely with MIDI. The German synth blog and sound designer Synthmania, not Paolo from the Synthmania YT channel, has published a free editor that opens up the engine. 

Synthmania Behringer JT-4000 micro editor

Synthmania JT-4000 micro Editor

The new JT-4000 micro editor is a CTRLR-based standalone application for macOS/Windows, not a plugin. It gives you full control over every synth parameter. 

It includes dedicated sections for the oscillators, ring mod, filters, envelopes, and more. There is no fancy patch browser integrated, but you can save and recall your patches. 

Further, an X/Y patch allows you to control two parameters simultaneously.

For those who have Reaktor 6 and prefer to control the synth directly in the DAW, there is also a free ensemble in the Native Instruments User Library. This offers the same editor features but is made for Reaktor. User JP Phillippe developed this.

Synthmania JT-4000 micro editor is available as a free download for macOS and Windows. It runs as a standalone application. Behringer JT-4000 micro is available now for 49€. 

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