SPC Plugins Neptune, new 8-LFO Eurorack module from the ArcSyn synth developer

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SPC Plugins goes Eurorack with its first module, Neptune, a new modulation module with 8 LFOs with over 200 waveforms, and more. 

I have an affinity for unknown plugins, both in synthesizers and effects. It doesn’t always have to be Omnisphere 2 or Serum. Many unknown synth gems have yet to be discovered by the masses. One is ArcSyn from the British developer SPC Plugins, a unique virtual analog synth with an exciting feature set and wild GUI design. 

We parted ways when I switched to Apple Silicon because the developer hadn’t updated it yet. Nothing has changed in 2023. Very unfortunate. The developer seems to have found new ways. He now develops Eurorack modules, and the first is Neptune, a new LFO module.

SPC Plugins Neptune

SPC Plugins Neptune

Neptune is a new modulation module with 8 LFOs. According to the developer, the module is 99% complete but the final production unit will have slightly revised firmware, new knobs and faceplate design. 

The module has eight independent controllable LFO, in free mode or clockable. For each LFO, you can choose from 256 waveforms, including classic shapes to many envolving and random waveforms. These were taken from the ArcSyn Synthesizer plugin, says the developer. 

Each LFO also a built-in quantizer with 16 scales and an one-shot mode, allowing you to trigger the waveforms via the reset input. Then, you can tweak them using the phase offset, wave polarity, and wave truncating controls.

Further, Neptune features unique merge capabilities between waveforms. They are implemented with various logic functions: AND, OR, XOR, etc.

On the connection side, you get individual outputs for the LFOs, and a reset input. The output of each LFO can also be individually limited from 1 semitone to 5 octaves. 

The module is operated via 8 sliders, one for each LFO, eight backlit buttons, and two large knobs for the parameters. 

First Impression

At first glance, an interesting eightfold LFO. The module looks a bit big, but it also offers a lot. However, I hope that this is not the end for the SPC plugins and that ArcSyn gets an update in 2024. 

SPC Plugins Neptune will be available in a limited production in early 2024. Price TBA. 

More information will follow here: SPC Plugins

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