Full Bucket Music Oxid, a free ARP Omni-2 Synthesizer emulation for mac and win

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Full Bucket Music Oxid is a new free Synthesizer plugin (mac/win) that emulates the ARP Omni-2 string synth from the 1970s. 

There are a ton of free synthesizer plugins. A current list can be found here. One of the most famous developers in recent years is the German Full Bucket Music. Björn Arlt, founder of FBM, has a variety of free plugins that have original ideas but also emulate classic synths.

His latest free plugin is an emulation of a vintage ARP string Synthesizer.

Full Bucket Music Oxid

Full Bucket Music Oxid

Oxid is a new free Synthesizer plugin created by Björn Arlt and written in native C++.  Like many of his excellent Synthesizer plugins, this is again an emulation of a vintage synth.

Björn’s latest release, Oxid, authentically emulates the ARP Omni-2 polyphonic Synthesizer from 1978. Unlike the hardware, the plugin offers 64 voices of polyphony instead of 49. It’s playable in poly or in paraphonic like the ARP Omni-2

Oxid features the same string and Synthesizer sections of the original, including polyphonic violin and viola sounds as well as monophonic bass and cello. All are operable with orange and white buttons.

The string section has a tone knob, an AR envelope, and dedicated volume controls. 

Then, both the mono bass and polyphonic Synthesizer offer various shaping controls. It features a 24 dB/oct lowpass filter, an ADSR envelope, and a triangle waveform LFO. 

Further, you get a multi-effects section, consisting of a freely routable phaser (speed/feedback) and delay effects (time, feedback, mix). 

Oxid has a fully resizable user interface and full MIDI support with MIDI CC support for the parameters. Full Bucket ships the plugin with various presets with which you can start playing. 

First Impression

Another excellent free plugin from Full Bucket Music. Thanks to Björn for this emulation. 

Full Bucket Music Oxid is available now as a free download. It runs as a 32-bit and 64-bit VST2, VST3, AU, and CLAP plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. 

More information here: Full Bucket Music

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  1. Just tried it, this plugin is amazing. I tied another couple from full bucket, but if you want some sweet analog sounding synth goodness, this is it!

  2. I installed this and found myself immediately tweaking and saving modified patches. It has a certain charm, which may be limited but is nonetheless welcome.

  3. Wow! What an early holiday present this is! It sounds fantastic. The Omni 2 is one of my favorite synths (mine was damaged in a flood many years ago). Björn has nailed the sound (especially the phaser). Indeed, it is not a complex synth nor does it possess a vast sound palette, but I love that sound. There’s been a couple of Solina emulations over the years (some quite horrendous, I’m looking at you AiR Technology) but the Omni 2 was different enough in its sound and controls that it deserved its own emulation. Thank you Björn (not only for this but your many other fine creations you have shared).

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