SynthFest UK 2023 video tours

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DivKid, Get Gervis, and Molten Music Technology take us in their walkthroughs to SynthFest UK 2023, which took place in Sheffield last Saturday 7th Oct.

SynthFest UK 2023 took place in Sheffield on October 7th. A Synthesizer exhibition organized by Sound on Sound and the Sheffield Sensoria Festival of Music/Film/Digital Media. The event attracted many developers from the UK and abroad, including 1010music, Analogue Solutions, Expressive E, Rides in the Storm from Germany, and many others.

I didn’t attend the event this year, but many British synth YouTubers. Sonicstate and Sound On Sound provided a large media coverage. Robin Vincent from Molten Music Technology, Get Gervis and Ben, aka DivKid, have published SF UK 2023 video tours. In them, they show the location, the developer booths, and the atmosphere.


More information here: SynthFest UK

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