Dreadbox Hypnosis reissue, analog multi-FX returns as desktop/Eurorack module

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The popular Dreadbox Hypnosis analog FX processor makes a comeback as a reissue in the form of a semi-modular desktop/Eurorack module.

In terms of sound, we’re back in the 80s. Sounds have to float, scratch, and have character. Slight tuning fluctuations are also desirable. Synth Wave can be found everywhere, even in pop on songs like The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights.

The Greek Synthesizer and FX company Dreadbox recognized this sound early on. With their Hypnosis they created an analog FX device for sounds of the 80s in 2018. However, due to chip shortage and higher prices, etc., this disappeared from the market. Now, it returns as a pre-soldered DIY kit and in semi-modular.

Dreadbox Hypnosis reissue

Dreadbox Hypnosis Reissue

Many people have wanted a reissue, and now it is here. The Dreadbox Hypnosis is back with a slightly different feature set but the same lovely, crunchy 80s charm.

Hypnosis Reissue is still an analog/hybrid FX processor. The new version is now semi-modular (11 patch points), mono, and designed for desktop and Eurorack use. You can now screw it into your rack as a 42HP FX module. Mono, yes, it’s a shame, but it’s significantly cheaper than the first version.

Like the predecessor, it features three analog effects: chorus/flanger, a delay, and a real spring reverb, each equipped with a dedicated on/off switch, making them flexible to use.

It starts on the left side with a wide range LFO that can be patched freely. It comes with multiple waves, lag, rate, and level controls. You can clock it, and has a single output.

Dreadbox Hypnosis Reissue

Three Analog/Hybrid FX

From here, it goes into the first FX processor, the chorus/flanger. It’s based on analog BBD circuitry and gives your timbres a lot of width and movement. You can control it with various parameters, including feedback, level, rate, and time. Also, in this, you get a second, wide-range LFO that is hardwired to the effect. It has a dedicated audio input, and two CV inputs (rate, time).

Then, it hosts a hybrid delay based on the super lush and characterful delay found in the Erebus Synthesizer. Also, this effect is controllable with parameters (mix, feedback, time). There is a dedicated input and CV control over time.

Next to the delay is, for me at least, the highlight of the Hypnosis. It features a real spring reverb with a tank, not an emulation, with mix and gain control. Additionally, it has a CV-controllable pre-delay functionality offering variable times. The last stage is a master section with input and output sockets.

Guitar, Line & Modular Signals

Hypnosis reissue is flexible to use. With the main input, you can use all effects simultaneously or individual FX via the inputs to the respective sections. Bonus point for the slider-only design, which is much nicer to touch, like these fiddly small knobs.

According to Dreadbox, the inputs accept guitar/mic levels up to modular gear. This allows you to route various signals into the processor. Clever, the new Hypnosis is both desktop and Eurorack module. You can use it with USB power in a desktop setup or mount it in your rack. A Eurorack power strip is included.

First Impression

A very welcome reboot or reissue of Hypnosis in my opinion. I have a test device here, a video will be online this week. Only mono and no presets are downers, but this is acceptable for the asking price. But you can patch it now.

Dreadbox Hypnosis Reissue is available now for 200€ + VAT in limited quantities (500 pieces) as a pre-soldered DIY kit. Assembled version will probably come later.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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