Wide Blue Sound Audio Plugin Uninstaller makes uninstalling plugins a breeze

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Wide Blue Sound Audio Plugin Uninstaller is a new standalone software that allows you to uninstall your macOS plugins in seconds.

New plugins are released every day. Depending on how well a plugin likes our GAS is awakened. Before you press the buy button, you test it with a trial.

The plugin folder fills up more and more with this. To prevent this from happening, I recommend uninstalling trials and unused plugins. This process is, however, often a bit tweaky. A new free software from Wide Blue Sound is now taking on that role.

Wide Blue Sound Audio Plugin Uninstaller

Wide Blue Sound Audio Plugin Uninstaller

The Audio Plugin Uninstaller is a free software described as “the easiest way to uninstall your audio plugins on macOS”. Unfortunately currently limited to plugins on the macOS operating system.

The main benefit of the software is to ensure order in your plugin folder. Often you have installed plugins that are no longer compatible after a system update or are simply buggy. This allows them to be removed quickly and easily

Wide Blue Sounds advertise it with these benefits:

  • try demos without cluttering your hard drive
  • remove troublesome plugins
  • clean up your plugin list
  • explore installation packages: easily find the presets, performances, and other hidden files for any plugin.

It works by reading the installation receipts and reversing the process while making sure not to uninstall files used by other plugins. If a plugin doesn’t appear, then it doesn’t have a normal receipt and should have its own uninstaller. You can delete plugins in all major formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and also the new AAX.

First Impression

A very helpful tool. Since it is currently limited to macOS, I hope that a Windows version will be added in the future.

Wide Blue Sound Audio Plugin Uninstaller is available now for $10 for macOS. 

More information here: WBS

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