Ice Crystals, new Chromaphone 3 sound pack and AAS Summer Sale with up to 50% OFF

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Ice Crystals is a new sound pack for the AAS Chromaphone 3 by Richard Veenstra, plus you can save up to 50% OFF during the Summer Sale

It’s no secret that I love physical modeling synths. My favorite is Chromaphone 3, a Synthesizer that focuses on organic-sounding percussive sounds. Unlike sample libraries, here you can design sounds from scratch. The plugin allows you to create classic drums but also very natural, acoustic sounds.

With Ice Crystals, the developers published a new sound pack for the Chromaphone 3 Synthesizer that takes you on an icy, resonating, crystalline sonic journey.

Ice Crystals



Ice Crystals is a new sound pack for the excellent Chromaphone 3 physical modeling percussive Synthesizer and the free AAS Player virtual instrument.

It is created by the Dutch sound designer Richard Veenstra and according to Applied Acoustics Systems, it “delivers an immersive collection of expressive abstract sounds perfectly tailored for those seeking to add intricate sound layers that captivate the senses.”

Ice Crystals transports you through a sonic labyrinth, where icy bells resonate with crystalline clarity, digital detuned pads weave a tapestry of ethereal melodies, and bright deep basses provide a foundation that reverberates with intensity. Ignite your creative spark with the pack’s complex rhythms that elevates your compositions to new heights.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of intelligent dance music, a crispy techno enthusiast, or a creator of deep and dark cinematic soundscapes, Ice Crystals will infuse your music with unparalleled richness and depth. Take your music to a new dimension, where artistry meets innovation and boundless possibilities await.

Ice Crystals library ships with over 100 new sounds for the AAS Chromaphone 3 Synthesizer and the non-editable AAS Player.

AAS Swatches Update

And as always, AAS has packed some presets from the new library as a preview in the free library Swatches for the free AAS Player. With the last update, the library counts 680 unique sounds that can be used free of charge.

AAS Summer Sale

It’s hot outside and the Applied Acoustics Systems prices are sweating too during the summer. The prices don’t go up, but down. During the Summer Sale 2023, you can save up to 50% off plugins, bundles, sound packs, and upgrades.

For example, you get the Chromaphone 3, Ultra Analog VA-3, or Multiphonics CV-2 for $99 and sound packs for $19.

First Impression

A beautiful new library with great inspiring sounds for the Chromaphone 3 Synthesizer.

Ice Crystals by Applied Acoustics Systems is available now for an introductory price of $19 instead of $39. It is also included int he Chromaphone 3 + PACKS bundle including the synth and all 17 sound packs for $199 during the promotion.

The Summer sale is valid until August 28th, 2023, and is available on individual plugins, bundles, and upgrades.

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